More sales with marketplaces

Our platform puts your brand in the sights of over 700 million potential customers across Europe. Let marketplaces like Amazon, Otto or Zalando work for you and generate more, significant amounts of sales.

The variety of offers on marketplaces is high. We ensure that you stand out from the competition. To do so, we take into account:


  • different marketplace characteristics
  • your customer structure and target group
  • product focus
  • international presence

Marketplaces are extremely complex and fast moving. GUTEMARKEN is constantly evolving, so you are always up to date. Benefit from our expertise in the fashion industry, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and IT. We offer an all-round package that leaves nothing to be desired.


Marketplaces also offer unique brand communication opportunities that make a significant difference when customised  to your brand.


Does all this sound good? We develop a marketplace strategy with you and turn it into a reality for profitable sales and without stray losses.

We position your brand successfully on the following marketplaces:

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