Your e-commerce expert team

The team behind the GUTEMARKEN IT platform consists of experienced e-commerce experts. Apart from creativity, we all share a passion for fashion and lifestyle. That’s why we are passionate about systematically leading fashion brands to e-commerce success. We speak the language of retail and make e-commerce simple and understandable for you.

How do we do that?

We position your brand on all the relevant European marketplaces profitably and sustainably with our 360° e-commerce platform or build your own online store for you.

Step 1: Defining

During our 8-week onboarding process, we work systematically with you to get your brand in the best shape for online business.

Step 2: Learning & Specifying

Placement on the most relevant marketplaces and constantly testing products and marketing.

Step 3: Optimizing

Data-based optimisation allows us to keep your costs to the minimum and to increase your e-commerce success. You can also derive key insights for your stationary trade from our partnership.

Our comprehensive team of experts is on hand to make your brand an e-commerce winner. The team is headed by a Customer Success Manager who is your e-commerce expert. He or she co-ordinates service providers and experts to ensure that your brand and products are presented ideally online:

  • Marketplace & Marketing Management
  • Online shop & Marketing Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Content Management & Optimisation
  • Price Management

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